The Process of Making a Tile Mural
The following photos show the process of making a tile mural.
In this design, the tiles are individually cut and then pieced back together to create the mural. I also use other processes in my work, including working with moulds and mosaic.
Wet clay is rolled out on the slab roller which creates flat, even slabs of clay

Once the design is created and drawn to scale, it is traced onto clear plastic.

The design is then divided into tile sections and numbered. Sections of the plastic with the design are placed on top of the soft clay. Each individual tile is traced through the plastic and then cut out.

Once each section is completed, the tiles are numbered and any extra design work, texture, and letter carving is done while the clay is still soft.

Once the design is complete, the clay is allowed to dry slowly over a number of days before firing.

The tiles are bisque fired and then the glaze is applied and the tiles are fired once more. The tiles are assembled once more on the plastic sheeting to make sure everything fits and then the tiles are transferred onto the wall, piece by piece.

Once the thinset has dried the tiles are grouted and sealed.